Who am I to you? | Keren Yeala-Golan

The Heder Gallery, Tel-Aviv, May - June 2011

The exhibition displays a documentary /autobiographical video work depicting a close and complex relationship between two women whose lives were tied together fifty years ago.

This is a tale of two women – one is a man’s daughter and the other is his mistress, and he has betrayed them both, embezzled money and served a long sentence in Romanian prison.

Their shared story is revealed during the film, transferred by them directly and with an amused honesty.

Next to the film, the exhibition presents stills photographs, as if trying to deliver their convoluted life story in visual fragments.

Neta Gal-Azmon 2011


The whole house is filled with carpets, Faded, frayed, dusty, various sizes, One above the other, Touches on the third, Under the fourth, suffocates the fifth. They’ve murdered her sister; she stumbled on one of them and remained to die in the living room. The cause of death – a carpet.

As if someone unstitched the quilt and turned it into a house. Unstitched a faded sofa, unstitched a dresser, a lamp, curtains, pictures on the wall, china glasses in the cupboard. And everything is stitched, dusty, slowly crumbling uninterrupted.

Once it was something new and exciting. Now everything is closed in a time capsule for half a century. Time is passing outside, but here it just disintegrating until there will be no memory.

He died on the couch; she died in the living room. And life remembers the dead, talk to them, fight with them, laughing, loving, retain their usual chair in the kitchen.

And everything is especially out loud, because there is almost no one to listen.

The Heder Gallery, Tel-Aviv

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